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Big sound. Small space.
As home theater moves upstairs into multipurpose living rooms, the need for refined, clean reproduction of low frequencies becomes extremely important. With solid billet aluminum baffles and highly specialized drivers, Leon’s Aaros Series subwoofers are incredibly compact and offer more tonal balance than traditional large subs. Available in custom colors, and designed for in-room and in-wall applications, our unique line of subwoofers can be easily placed or hidden away completely.
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L3-1K Amplifier
1,000 watt, dual-channel Class A/B amplifier
Leon’s brand new 1,000 watt subwoofer amplifier delivers the power, refinement and flexibility that our Aaros passive subwoofers deserve. Its adjustable crossover, variable phase, and tunable EQ allow installers to tailor the sound of the sub to match the room.
Ultra-thin Subwoofer with 1,000 watt rack-mount amplifier
Leon’s Aaros 10” ultra-thin subwoofer packs theater-grade performance along with musical finesse in an enclosure that measures only 4.5” deep. Featuring a 10” aluminum cone driver, a solid aluminum baffle and back, and powered by our 1,000 watt Class A/B rack-mounted amplifier, this sub naturally reproduces tight musical tones necessary for critical two-channel listening, and effortlessly controls the impact of the most demanding movie tracks.
8” subwoofer with 400 watt ultra-effecient on-board amplifier
Leon’s Aaros A8-400 subwoofer features an 8” rigid long-throw driver powered by an ultra-efficient 400 watt on-board amplifier to produce tight and musical bass. Available in satin black or white, and complete with fully adjustable crossover and phase controls, the A8-400 offers extreme performance and versatility in any space.
In-wall subwoofer with 1,000 watt rack-mount amplifier
Leon introduces a truly ground-breaking in-wall subwoofer. At less than 4” deep, the Aaros 8” sub redefines the possibility of large bass from a small enclosure. Soundly constructed to prevent unwanted resonance, this in-wall subwoofer is ideal for Living Space Theater applications where no floor space is available for a traditional sub. With color-matched perforated metal or fabric grills, and paired with Leon’s 1,000 watt subwoofer amplifier, this sub stands out by blending in.
Reference 12" theater-grade subwoofer with 1,000W rack-mount amplifier
Leon's Aaros A12-1K features a 12" woofer in a fully sealed, solid 1" MDF cabinet. It delivers deep, controlled, and distortion-free bass for an exhilarating theater experience. Paired with Leon's L3-1K amplifier, the A12-1K is capable of low frequency extension to 18Hz – pressurizing the entire room so you'll feel every bullet, every impact, and every sinister footfall. The A12-1K is ideally suited to both in-room and in-cabinet theater subwoofer applications.
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