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Be exact. The original soundbar.
Leon’s Horizon™ Series speakers are custom built to match the exact width and finish of every flat-panel TV. Combining left, center and right channels all in one sleek cabinet, the Horizon™ Series is the ideal solution for Living Space home theater systems and everyday TV viewing. From the award-winning 1.5” deep Horizon 212-UT to the 120” wide Horizon 616-OS, Leon offers the most dynamic audio solutions for residential and commercial environments.
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Horizon™ OTO
Ultra-thin powered soundbar | Custom-built to match the exact width of any TV
Powered. Thin. Digital. Custom-crafted to perfectly match any TV. The Horizon OTO soundbar features a digital optical input, a wireless subwoofer output, Dolby Digital sound, and our new high-fidelity OTO Amp in a cabinet less than 2" deep.
Horizon™ Ultra-Thin
Three models less than 2" deep | Custom-built to match the exact width of any TV
Designed to accommodate the latest ultra-thin LCD and LED TVs, the Horizon Ultra-Thin speakers are all less than 2" deep. Now, high-fidelity audio can be enjoyed without sacrificing the sleek look that makes these displays desirable.
Horizon™ 313
3" drivers | 4.75" (t) x 3.25" (d) | Custom-built to match the exact width of any TV
The Horizon 313 soundbar is Leon’s most compact high performance loudspeaker. Each cabinet features 3” high-fidelity Peerless woofers and 1" cloth-dome tweeters. The Horizon 313-LCR is recommended for TVs between 32"-42" in smaller rooms.
Horizon™ 414
4" drivers | 5.75" (t) x 3.25" (d) | Custom-built to match the exact width of any TV
Developed in 2002, the Horizon 414 was the first LCR-combination speaker built to exactly match any flat-screen TV. Today, it is still the ideal solution for Living Space home theaters. Each speaker features world-class 4” woofers and 1” cloth dome tweeters, creating a truly high-fidelity speaker with excellent sonic clarity. Recommended to match 42"-50" TVs in small to medium-sized rooms
Horizon™ 515
5" drivers | 7" (t) x 4" (d) | Custom-built to match the exact width of any TV
The Horizon 515 Series is designed for maximum performance and high power handling, and is ideal for bigger TVs in larger rooms. With world-class 5” European drivers and 1” cloth dome tweeters, the Horizon 515 boasts full range, high-fidelity sound. The Horizon 515 is one of the finest multi-channel speakers available today. Recommended to match 50"-60" TVs in medium to large rooms
Horizon™ 616
6" drivers | 8.25" (t) x 4" (d) | Custom-built to match the exact width of any screen
The Horizon 616 is the most powerful speaker in the Horizon line, featuring 6” woofers and Morel MDT-29 tweeters. Designed to fill big rooms with high-fidelity audio, the Horizon 616 soundbar produces deep, musical bass, detailed midrange and effortless high end. For dedicated theater, the Horizon 616 can be built up to 120" wide and finished in black Velux material to exactly match your projection screen.
Horizon™ Ultima
Reference-grade 5" drivers | 7" (t) x 4" (d) | Match TVs in reference-grade rooms
The Horizon Ultima, Leon's reference-grade Horizon Series speaker, is the high-fidelity soundbar of choice when sound quality and aesthetics are paramount. The Horizon Ultima utilizes handmade SEAS Excel 5" woofers and SEAS Prestige tweeters to produce utterly transparent and brilliant sound with an incredibly flat frequency response. The sound quality rivals the finest speakers in the world.
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