Edge Media Frame

The Edge Media Frame is handcrafted to encase any display and one of our Horizon Series soundbars, concealing the mounting and wiring in one simple design to complement any environment.


What’s Included

The Edge Media Frame includes a handcrafted frame that magnetically attaches to a custom built mounting panel for easy access to the back panel of the TV.

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Configure Edge With One of
Three Different Soundbars
Edge was purposefully design to work with all of our Horizon Series soundbars
to deliver the highest quality in audio performance and aesthetics.

Edge with OTO
HORIZON OTO POWERED SOUNDBAR Our award winning Edge + OTO 2.1 system is the most comprehensive solution for concealing your technology and wiring in one sleek cabinet, while delivering world class audio and design.
Horizon Series Ultra-Thin
HORIZON ULTRA-THIN SOUNDBAR At less than 3” deep, our Horizon Series Ultra Thin soundbars are the perfect companion piece to Edge for spaces that are more demanding, but still require big performance.
Horizon Series Hz44LX
HORIZON Hz44LX SOUNDBAR Our collection of LX soundbars deliver astounding performance, ideal for spaces of all shapes and sizes — from smaller living rooms and bedrooms to larger home theater applications.