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The "Trithon" REYN TV by Leon
Dubbed by WIRED as one of 2011's out-of-this-world products, the “Trithon” REYN TV stands front and center at the WIRED Pop Up Store in the heart of Times Square. The “Trithon” draws inspiration from some of the most important product innovations over the last three centuries and emerges as the first-ever freestanding Leon REYN TV. It’s the only television that stands at 8-feet tall, outfitted in a slick combo of walnut, steel and brass, bedecked with an ultra-thin Leon soundbar and a genuine python-skin belt.
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An evocative, high design approach to luxury Living Space Theater™
The design cues for Leon’s custom Trithon REYN Panel were extracted from several important product innovations over the last three centuries. We sought to capture the imposing stature and raw aesthetic edge of the MOISSE PHANTASCOPE, an incredibly large magic lantern projection device built in Moisse, France in the late 18th century.The scale of this lantern gave it massive projection power, and it served as the shooting apparatus for Phantasmagoria, one of the first moving image picture shows, bringing the magic of cinema to the masses. Moisse Phantascope American Film Camera and Philco PredictaNext, we borrowed from the essence of an early AMERICAN FILM CAMERA modeled after a design by the Victorian cinematographer James Williamson. This one was hand-crafted in California in 1910 and has a completely custom-built cabinet, hand-ground Frese lenses and a solid wood tripod base.

Lastly, the 1959 PHILCO BARBER POLE PREDICTA, a television like no other. Its fully adjustable mounting bracket allows the screen to be tilted and turned to the user's desire, a practical feature exclusive to Philco. The uniqueness of this design ensures the Philco Barber Pole will remain one of the most prized products of its generation.

The TRITHON draws inspiration from each of these items and emerges as the first ever free-standing LEON REYN PANEL. Meet the only television that stands at eight-and-a-half feet tall, outfitted in a slick combination of walnut, steel and brass, bedecked with a genuine python-skin belt. It's custom to the core. It’s pure Leon.

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