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Five systems. Infinite possibilities.
As the living space of today incorporates multimedia and technology, it demands a theater system that is woven into the fabric of the home. The hardware should disappear amidst the furniture and fixtures, yet maintain functionality, aesthetics and performance. With a completely customizable product line capable of matching exact dimensions and finishes, Leon delivers an audio experience that fits seamlessly into any home, energizing the space where it was designed to live.
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Horizon Ultra-Thin 5.1 System
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Thin. Except for the sound.
Leon’s Horizon Ultra-Thin Living Space Theater system provides immersive sound in a space that’s unbelievably thin. Designed to match the depth of ultra-thin displays, the speaker is an incredible 1.5” deep. But don’t let the slimness fool you. It incorporates state-of-the art driver technology, creating an enveloping sound field that surrounds any space with cinema quality sound.
Horizon 414-X-A Audiophile 5.1 System
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Perfection is on the Horizon
Combining cinema-quality sound with a sleek, modern design, the Horizon 414-X-A 5.1 system will satisfy and impress even the most extreme audiophile. The front soundstage features an array of Peerless HDS woofers coupled with silk dome Morel tweeters. The result: high definition sound quality that is second to none. Each one of the hand-finished cabinets can be further customized to match any décor, allowing the audio experience to blend seamlessly into any space.
Profile 404-X-A Audiophile 5.1 System
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The extreme side of performance
The Profile 404-X-A system delivers maximum performance to any venue. Designed for increased dispersion and a wider sound stage, the left and right channels can be separated for ideal placement and stereo imaging. The Profile system features an extra channel in each of the front speakers to create a center speaker effect. With aesthetics and décor in mind, the hand-crafted speakers can be built and finished to disappear in any room while providing a high-fidelity sound experience for even the most discerning listener.
Horizon 616 High-Performance 7.2 System
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Sound that's built to fill
As TVs get larger, installing home theater gets more demanding in the design sensitive rooms of a home. Leon’s powerful Horizon 616 Living Space Theater system was designed to fill big rooms with full-range sound, but do so in a way that is not disruptive to room décor. With extremely long-throw, high-powered drivers, and custom options to match screens up to 120" wide, the Horizon 616-LCR provides the ultimate sound solution for truly integrated home audio and dedicated theater.
Horizon Ultima Reference-Grade 7.2 System
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Audiophile meets audiostyle
The Ultima reference-grade system is the careful culmination of the best of our best. Designed from the ground up to provide supreme sound, even the most discriminating audiophile will relish the extreme performance of the hand-made drivers from Eton and Morel. And the entire system can be custom built and finished to fit seamlessly into any room imaginable.
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