In-Ceiling Speakers

Premium in-ceiling speakers with square or circle grills that can be custom painted in-house to match any color. Perfect for distributed audio, surrounds or main speakers in a Living Space Theater system.

Square or Circle
Grills to Suit
Your Taste.

To accommodate a wide variety of design aesthetics, our Axis Series speaker are available with either round or square grills which can be custom painted to match any wall color. Featuring 6” or 8” drivers and 1” silk-dome tweeters, Axis is the perfect complement to our Horizon or Profile Series speakers to round out a 5- or 7-channel surround sound system.

Sound Tailored
For Any Room

Housed in tuned acoustic suspension cabinets that maintain consistent high-quality sound performance, Axis is perfect for any environment, regardless of the size of the room.

Complete Your System
Our architectural surround speakers are engineered to work harmoniously with our front soundstage
solutions to provide high-quality, balanced sound throughout your entire home.

Horizon Series

Horizon Series logo
UNDERMOUNT/OVERMOUNT SPEAKERS Up to three channels of high-fidelity audio in one cabinet, custom built to match the exact width and finish of any display.
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Profile Series

Profile Series logo
ON-WALL/SIDEMOUNT SPEAKERS On-wall stereo or multi-channel speakers custom built to match the exact height and finish of any display
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Aaros Series

Aaros Series logo
SUBWOOFERS Complete line of subwoofers powered by high performance amplifiers, easily hidden or customized to suit any space.
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