Whole Home Audio by Leon Bring Leon’s signature sound and style to every space in the home.

True to Life Sound.
For Every Space.
Whether entertaining guests by the pool, enjoying a quiet family movie night, or simply unwinding with a glass of wine in the kitchen, sound is at the heart of our everyday experiences. So no matter what the occasion, our collection of speakers delivers the perfect combination of true to life sound and refined style for every space in the home.

Living Room Living Room Kitchen

Living Room Bedroom Multimedia Room

Living Room Listening Room Outdoors

Slide Authentic Listening for Everyday Life Sound shapes our everyday lives, adding depth and dimension to every experience. That’s why all of our speakers are engineered to bring all your music, movies, and television to life with stunning authenticity—whether it’s capturing the nuances of a musical performance, or providing cinematic, room-filling sound to capture your imagination.

Slide World-Class Components Our components are exclusively designed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of speakers and audio drivers Timbre Matched Using the same components across our families of speakers ensures a consistent listening experience throughout the home. Meticulously Tested Using rigorous testing methods in our hemi-anechoic chamber, our speakers are benchmarked for quality at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Design Perfectly Matched Not only do our speakers work in perfect harmony with one another, but they’re fully customizable to match any style, from custom paint colors and finishes to custom grills—even custom dimensions.

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