Leon’s Horizon Series soundbars are custom built to match the exact width of any TV, providing high-performance audio with a discreet aesthetic, perfect for any system. Custom Soundbars Built to Match any TV Horizon Series logo

Custom Built to Match the Width of any Display

Each Horizon Series speaker is handcrafted and custom-tailored to match the exact width and finish of any TV, providing a high-performance audio platform with a discreet design.

Custom Grills for
the Finishing Touch

Hand-stretched using only the finest quality, acoustically transparent fabric, our grills are designed to match the contour of any display, including accommodations for TV logos, IR sensors and camera ports.

Slide Uncompromising Sound Working with musicians, producers, acoustic engineers, and leading manufacturers around the world, we custom designed a suite of audio components that provide an immersive listening experience in any space, from luxury living rooms to dedicated home theaters. Engineered for Performance Performance

Slide Power Handling Get room filling sound with power to spare—all without compromising your design. Refined Bass Response Hearing is believing. Get even more bass response from a cabinet that’s up to 1” slimmer. Precision Details Experience every acoustic detail with stunning accuracy and brilliant sonic clarity.

Configured for any System

Leon’s soundbars are available in three different configurations to fit up to three channels of audio in one cabinet depending on the needs of the system. Choose from L/C/R, L/R or Center-only channel speakers.

Complete Your System
Design a completely custom-tailored 5- or 7-channel audio system that can integrate into any design.

Aaros Series subwoofers

Aaros Series logo
SUBWOOFERS Leon’s Aaros Series of subwoofers has been designed for in-room and in-wall applications, and includes unique solutions that can be easily placed or hidden away.
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Axis Series in-ceiling speakers

Axis Series logo
IN-CEILING SPEAKERS Leon’s premium Axis in-ceiling speakers can be custom painted to match any wall color, and ship with both square and circle grills to perfectly integrate into any design.
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Vault Series in-wall speakers

Vault Series logo
IN-WALL SPEAKERS Leon’s high-fidelity Vault Series in-wall speakers are handcrafted in Ann Arbor, MI and are all sonically matched to Leon’s front soundstage speakers.
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